You can learn things about yourself when you’re there for others.

“Sis” needed me tonight.  Apparently, she’s been struggling with her anxiety this week.  She’s not sure what exactly has sparked it.  She asked me to pick up my goddaughter from preschool as she struggled to function today.  She even turned down meeting “Big Brother” on his lunch break today…which she never does unless she’s sick or stuck somewhere.

We met up later for dinner and she just let it all out to me.  I simply let her talk and said words of understanding and encouragement.  She’s concerned a couple of her medicines are causing it.  She even went as far as taking a couple of pregnancy tests as she is feeling like she did when she was pregnant with my goddaughter.  Each came up negative.  I told her she may want to check with her OB on her concerns and maybe do a blood test as the other may be registering a false negative.  She hadn’t considered that possibility and agreed it may be a good idea to do that.

I could see just talking with me and me being there for her put her at ease from when we met at the restaurant.  I’m on this journey to figure things out on who I am and what makes me happy and being there for my family and friends is a part of who I am.  Especially when they’re going through something like this.  I consider myself fortunate that I really don’t struggle with anxiety and depression and I hate it when those most important to me go through it.  I always tell them I’m here if they need anything.

When we got ready to part ways for the night, “Sis” said she was so grateful for everything.  I simply smiled and said always.  I’m glad I could be there for her when she needed someone.  I know she and “Big Brother” would do the same for me.

Ocean Rock V



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