It’s okay to buy things for yourself once in a while.

Let me preference this by telling you it’s tax free weekend where I live…which is basically a holiday unto itself.  Clothes, school supplies, and computers (up to certain amounts) can be purchased today, tomorrow, and Sunday sales tax free.  I decided my wardrobe was due for a bit of an update so I went out a little bit ago to take advantage.  Wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be…but I didn’t go to the mall or a place like Target or Walmart.

Now, when I looked at the amount I spent, my eyes got very big.  I usually don’t spend this much money on clothes.  But then I started putting everything away, I calmed down a bit.  I got a lot for what I spent…three new pairs of work pants, five new tops, and a new dress…plus there were some extra discounts in store and a couple I got via e-mail!

And with these new clothes, I pulled those I can donate that are still in good condition but just aren’t me anymore.  That’s one of my favorite things…when I get new clothes is to go through my current ones and see which ones I can donate so someone can benefit from them like I have.  It’s a good feeling to make that donation.

I’m not a shopaholic and really don’t make big purchases often.  But I do think it’s okay to buy yourself something once in a while.  Whether it’s a treat for an exceptionally good week or a pick me up after a horrendous one.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, maybe a book or movie you’ve been wanting to get.  And you shouldn’t feel guilt over it.

There’s a difference between going overboard with shopping and never getting rid of anything…my old office boss was like that…and shopping here and there but also de-cluttering and donating items still in good condition.  My parents instilled the donation part in me and I do as much I can through the year.

So yes, the clothes I bought are mostly for work, but I’ll wear them other places should the occasion require it.  I’m not a big clothes person, not like my brother, but it makes me feel good starting the new school year with some new stuff.  I want to make a good impression on the new teachers and parents joining my school.  And it’s always nice to get a compliment from your colleagues or parents on an outfit you’re wearing simply because you liked the color or how it fits.

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