Me and my godchild

So, my beloved godchild aka Cookie Pop was gone this week to Disney World for her 5th birthday.  “Big Brother” and “Sis” had this planned for months and didn’t tell her until her party…which they left straight afterwards to drive there.  “Sis” kept me updated on what they were doing…and of course sent lots of pictures of Cookie Pop.

They came home yesterday and Cookie Pop wanted to see me.  Met them for dinner and got the biggest hug from her.  She sat next to me and chatted about what she did.

I love this kid so much.  “Big Brother” and “Sis” named me her godmother long before she was born.  I am still so honored and privileged they did that.  I’ve gotten to watch her grow, make her laugh, play games, take her places, and spoil her rotten.  “Big Brother” and “Sis” call my parents her 3rd set of grandparents because they love her so much too.

They’ve named me her guardian in the event…God forbid…something happens to them.  They know I will raise her like my own, which I already treat her like it, and be fair to everyone in her life.

Cookie Pop is a part of who I am and I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  Anytime she has “Big Brother” or “Sis” call or text because she wants me to know something just makes me smile.  I love it when she asks to hang out with me.  She and I have shows and movies just the two of us watch together.  She’s even already talking about the next trip we’ll take together as a group and really wants us all to go back to Disney soon like we did a few years ago.

She’s loud, loving, obnoxious, thoughtful, chatty, smart.  She loves her peeps and her pets.  She says the craziest, funniest things and laughs at herself.  She’s my Cookie Pop and I wouldn’t have her any other way.

Ocean Dolphins



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